Hitachi Battery

Hitachi Battery offer various type of Hitachi battery including Hitachi Maintenance Free Battery, Hitachi Wet Battery, Hitachi Dry Battery, and Hitachi Commercial Battery.

Hitachi Battery

Main selling point

Global brand and OEM experiences

Hitachi is one of global brand and has long experience as the OEM supplier, we ensure meticulous quality control following Hitachi global standard.


100% Japanese technology

That has been trusted and proven thru decades of in-house R & D, innovative manufacturing processes and unbeatable product reliability plus value.


Extended warranty

To provide reliable and worry-free ownership, you get 1 years warranty (or 40,000 kilometres) period for the Hitachi HS battery range.


Double sealed lid

Provide superior sealing for near zero water/electrolyte leakage. Engineered under-lid reflex structure ensures ultra-low water loss via evaporation.


Expanded grid

To greatly last the actual use longer than conventional battery. That is because expanded grid is able to disturb progress of corrosion by acid.


Cut corner plates

Are employed to prevent short circuit. Because the short circuit is occurred in those points easily.


Maintenance Free Car battery

Realize maintenance free by optimized Pb-Ca alloy exclusively designed for the tropical use in South East Asia. The actual water loss is almost quarter than dry charged battery.